Award-winning: WIKA India impresses jury of commercial chamber

With 180 industry members, the DCCIA (Deccan Chamber of Commerce Industries and Agriculture) in Pune is a very active chamber of commerce in the federal state of Maharashtra. Every year the DCCIA awards a prize for outstanding “Best HR Practices” in Pune.
In the past year, WIKA India was awarded the “Best HR Practices 2019” prize. The five members of the jury assess examples of best practice, on the one hand in terms of their compliance with HR measures, and on the other with business strategy, presentation skills, employee commitment, communication practice and HR automation.
The award raises the profile of personnel management and delivers tangible evidence of its impact on company vitality. The Indian HR team took part in this competition and explained best practices in the Human Ressources sector in a presentation about WIKA worldwide and WIKA India, also covering HR initiatives, learning & development, senior management programmes, team-building activities as well as projects to showcase the company’s sense of social responsibility.
Stoic of DCCIA is a real source of motivation for WIKA India. A culture of learning, commitment and innovation is promoted there for the entire WIKA family.
Further information on WIKA India can be found on the Indian website. Our international locations can be found on the WIKA website.

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